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Our Story

Dockside was founded on the belief that quality pet nutrition shouldn't have to come at the price of environmental sustainability.  So we set out to create a line of innovative, healthy foods you can add to your pet’s diet to help lower your environmental paw print.


And we did.


By thinking outside the box we found a wealth of wholly sustainable, highly nutritious ingredients to choose from to create Dockside treats, meal mixers, and meal toppers you can enjoy giving your pet without sacrificing the health of your planet.


Interested how?  It starts with food waste.




An estimated 40% of all food produced in Canada and the United States is wasted every year, costing us nearly $200 billion dollars and putting an unsustainable strain on our natural resources.  When we waste food we’re wasting the water, labour, and energy resources it takes to produce that food.  We’re also contributing to methane emissions, a greenhouse gas that traps 20 to 30 times more atmospheric heat than carbon dioxide, created as wasted food rots.



Food waste is a crisis.  But by reevaluating how we think about food it’s a problem we can start to solve. 

Which is why Dockside gets most of its ingredients by rescuing fresh food, purchased directly from farmers, fishers, and fish processors before it goes to landfill.



We also look to other sustainable sources, like insects, an alternative protein that requires far less land, energy, and water to produce than traditional proteins like lamb, chicken, and beef.



And last, because we’re committed to keeping our carbon footprint down, we stay local by sourcing all our ingredients from one great place: Nova Scotia, Canada, known for its clean air, abundant seafood, and the world renowned Annapolis valley growing region.


So get a taste of Dockside for your pet and help us help the planet one bowl and one biscuit at a time.






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